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03-04-2024 true Europe/London VanzelfSprekend: Durven doen wat goed voor je is London, UK
  • Date Wed 3rd April
  • Time 20:00 - 22:15
  • Location Bunk Utrecht
  • Cost Free

Please note: This event will be held in dutch

Over a series of four events throughout the year, VanzelfSprekend has gathered eight interesting and engaging speakers for gatherings that will challenge you to think and open your heart. Aligning with current themes and societal issues, the substantive programme will deliver impactful talks that will leave you full of energy, insight and new ideas.

For the first session, ‘Durven Doen Wat Goed Voor Je Is’ or ‘Dare to Do What’s Good for You,’ Chermaine Kwant and Gerrit Heijkoop will take the stage.

Chermaine’s segment, entitled ‘Een Pleidooi Voor Meer Rebellen’ or ‘A Plea for More Rebels’ starts off with a simple premise: about 12 years ago, Chermaine was told she only had a year left to live. But, of course, she’s still here. Not only that, she’s also completing her doctorate on the very illness that should have taken her life. When she learned she had just a short time left to live, the rebel in her appeared. She began living from her heart, now she wants that for others, too. More rebels, with staying power.

In his segment, Gerrit will speak about ‘Slimmer Presteren’ or ‘Smarter Performance.’ For five years, he’s been regularly tackling the huge physical challenge of triathlons. And now he feels even stronger than ever. But he wasn’t always this fit. During his talk, he will discuss sports, research and innovation. And above all, the realisation that after your body has taken care of you for so long, you need to start taking better care of your body.

Can’t make it to this round? Be sure to keep an eye on the coming three VanzelfSprekend events in June, September and December.


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