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On the move

Bunk is on the move. We go beyond the traditional hospitality business. Our commitment and attention to detail is time-consuming. That’s why we choose to grow slowly but steadily.

We fully devote ourselves to creating unique destinations with a soul, shaped by local art, culture and stories of their historic surroundings. And this is a persistent devotion: we are always eager to create more Bunk.



We develop and operate made-to-measure hotels with personality in lively locations. Our specialty is the conversion of monumental buildings: schools, churches, I industrial warehouses, monasteries and other cultural heritage sites. But also buildings with an unique character like 70’s offices.

We are looking for properties with 100 to 500 guest rooms and 3,000 m2 to 10,000 m2 gross floor area (excluding parking and outside areas). We are open for fixed lease contracts and variable lease contracts. But preferably, we buy and develop real estate propositions.

bunk amsterdam


We are interested in Metropolitan destinations with a vibrant spirit are of special interest, including: Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Bordeaux, Bucharest, Budapest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Florence, Glasgow, Goteborg, Hamburg, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Porto, Prague, Sevilla, Stockholm, Valencia, Venice and Zurich.

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