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In our monumental churches, you’ll find a cross between a hostel, a hotel, a restaurant, a coworking space, an art gallery, a cultural event venue, a traveller’s gem and a local favourite.  

Our doors are open to everyone. So come get your daily dose of cross-cultural awesomeness with unusual insights into the local art scene. What happens here, we can only describe as communal wonderment. Ready to check in and check us out? 


Our Cities

FOOD FROM THE ‘HOOD Enjoy global cuisine with a local twist

You will recognise our menu’s dishes from all corners of the planet, but that doesn’t mean our ingredients are from far away too. In fact, they feature sustainably-sourced ingredients from the region wherever possible. 

What’s more, you’ll get to enjoy these distinguished dishes in healthy portions with surprising culinary twists for good measure. It’s our eco-conscious way to offer you finer dining on a budget: enough, really good fare. And well, fair enough, really. 

BUNK WITH US Your next room is made to leisure

“I’m travelling just to spend time in my room,” said no one ever. We know you would rather be out there, making new friends and enjoying the local culture. That’s why our bedrooms and pods offer just what you need and nothing you don’t, without compromising on style and comfort.  

All of them are designed to embrace the church’s original architecture and quirks, featuring high ceilings, open terraces, sweeping canal views and airy lofts. And whether you book our roomiest suite or our cosiest private pod, we never skimp on giving you the full Bunk treatment. Just sleep tight and hang loose. 

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At Bunk, you just might share your stay with an artist or two, as we collaborate with them on a wide range of small-scale, high-quality cultural activities for our monthly cultural calendar. We host exhibitions, lectures, poetry nights, cabaret, light installations, live music, movie screenings and, yes, the occasional showcase by our artists-in-residence.  

These non-profit activities are organised by our own local programmers and funded by a percentage of the hotel revenues. This is how we guarantee the continuity of this unsubsidised cultural programme, while locally reinvesting our capital and reaching out to all groups in society, particularly welcoming the local community as well. Call it gentlification, if you will. 

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