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You can rest assured that your travel budget has a positive impact on both the city you visit and the world you live in. Everything we offer has been handpicked to make your stay as eco-friendly, and as meaningful, as comfortably possible.



The road towards education and employment is not automatically accessible to everyone. For the long-term unemployed and early school leavers, finding work can be seemingly impossible. Additionally, psychological or social issues can make it extra challenging to find employment. Bunk’s social mission is to stand up for these vulnerable groups on the labour market.

Our vision is that most unemployed people are not so much unwilling, but unfortunate. We believe that, in the end, everyone wants to better their situation through learning and working. So we look for the capabilities of anyone seeking employment, focusing on what they can do instead of what they, currently, cannot. It works to have a working environment.

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Social responsibility is more than a corporate issue at Bunk. We take it personally. In a society that continues to consume more than the earth can produce, we promise to do what we can to reduce our ecological footprint. That’s way more than what regular laws and regulations demand.

From opening our first doors at Bunk Utrecht in June 2019, we pledged to obtain a Golden Green Key before 2020. In December of 2019, we reached our goal. It’s an award that we, of course, aim to keep in the long run. We’re going for gold on sustainability. The sprint is over, now the marathon begins.




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