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27-03-2024 true Europe/London One Line Drawing Workshop by Jana Mordhorst London, UK
  • Date Wed 27th March
  • Time 20:00 - 21:30
  • Location Bunk Amsterdam
  • Cost €25 - €35

Would you like to slow down and be more creative?

This workshop is designed to help you explore your creativity by creating drawings with just one line. Jana will guide you through various relaxing and surprising exercises, providing an opportunity to release limiting beliefs and judgment. Accompanied by her live clarinet music, she leads you into a state of relaxation and flow.

Why draw with one line?

Drawing with a single line is an excellent framing tool. It shifts the focus from the end result to the process, immersing participants in moments of joy, playfulness and trust.

For whom?

This workshop is suitable for adults of all backgrounds and expertise levels. No prior drawing experience is necessary.

Since 2022, Jana has been helping others connect with their inner artist. Drawing on her experience as a freelance artist and designer, she has developed her unique approach to free expression over the past years. “I’ve discovered that to enter a creative flow, it’s crucial to release limiting beliefs and judgments. When my mind says, ‘this isn’t pretty,’ ‘what will others think,’ or ‘you’re not an artist,’ I respond with playfulness, curiosity, and exploration.” Discover her art on her website

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