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Bunk Amsterdam Fact Sheet 1 March 2022


With respect and appreciation for the historical significance of the original building, a truly surprising design has been created to preserve the brick arches and wooden truss ceilings. The rooms themselves float in white modular blocks within the old atrium. Discovering the building is a true adventure: aside from the restaurant and room/pod areas, Bunk features a secret staircase, a hidden library and a recording studio/radio station available for free to all guests. Creatives can apply to Bunk’s artist-in-residence program and get a free stay.

About the building

Name of former church: St. Ritakerk

Built in: 1921

in a nutshell

Opened: April 2020

Address: Hagedoornplein 2, 1031 BV Amsterdam

106 rooms

52 pods

Outdoor terrace

Secret staircase

Recording studio


Artist-in-residence programme

Organic, local, affordable food in the restaurant

Free music & art events every month

Temporary art exhibitions in the common areas

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