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Teamwork makes the dream work

Without our team, our locations would be just that, locations with no soul. Not all of our team have work experience in the hotel sector. The one thing we all share in common is that we truly enjoy helping others. Most of us live in the city we work in and we love to provide our guests with insider tips on what to do and where to go.

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We refuse to see hospitality as an industry, but rather as an intrinsic motivation. People like us just want to be good hosts, not because we were taught to be, but because we’ve experienced good hospitality ourselves. Now we want to return the favour as best as we can. Does that sound familiar? 



We’re not control freaks. We believe that you’ll be a better host when you’re free to be yourself and to interact with guests the way you would normally. And when we talk about corporate culture, we mean that we’re doing everything together. At Bunk, you’ll find the General Manager at the same lunch table as our housekeepers. From director, to dishwasher, to bartender, everyone creates the experience at Bunk together. 



We employ humans. And humans make mistakes, especially when they show initiative. So, making mistakes comes with the job. As long as you’re willing to learn, we’d rather clean up some mistakes after the fact than prevent you from trying new things. 



What makes you tick is what makes you click. Whether you are a foodie, a music freak or a workaholic, you have a tremendous passion for your profession. It might sound silly, but we are looking for professionals who still see hospitality as a craft. And if you feel free to share your passion with our guests, their experiences will probably be a lot more interesting, and more personal. 



We are looking for people with beautiful life stories who show commitment to people and who want to be involved with Bunk. For us, this doesn’t mean you have to have the right degree, but that you know how to connect and amaze, so that you create unforgettable stays for our guests. 



Bunk is nothing without culture. We value our relationships with local artists. Without art – big or small – life becomes boring. Or as we once read on a wall somewhere: without art, the earth would just be ‘eh.’ 



Individual freedom is our top priority and we are also part of a team. So we respect each other as we work towards a common goal. We are open to change every day, and we are always there for each other. For better or for worse.


Ollie van Dommele Assistant Restaurant Manager

You can tell the team is very cultural; that’s the vibe. Even if not much is going on, it still feels interesting because it’s a crazy place with crazy people.

On paper, you could think this is a bit of a boring job compared to something more creative, but I like it because it’s here. The same role at another hotel probably wouldn’t be for me, because it has different staff, guests, atmosphere, schedules… basically everything. Bunk’s approach makes the job more creative, I think.

Our team is very loving, very accepting and open-minded to everything and everyone. And everything is open to discussion. There’s hierarchy, but you don’t feel it that much. I’ve never worked anywhere where there is so much appreciation of and connection with one another.


Wioletta Sauren Housekeeping Supervisor

I was looking for work everywhere, because I hadn’t worked for a year. I live near Bunk, but I had always thought it was only a restaurant. So when I saw the job vacancy on the website, I learned it was also a hotel and got excited.

I had never worked in a hotel before, and I think it’s really great. Everyone is nice and always friendly; I can talk to everyone. Even though I can’t speak English and my Dutch isn’t very good yet, I never face any issues with it at work. I also got a promotion rather quickly, which was great, especially because I didn’t have to ask for it myself.


Terence Roelofsen Culture & Community

I had heard about Bunk through its founder, about how he had once written the idea on a beer coaster. It was a nice story, but seeing is believing. When Bunk acquired its first church, I took a look and was immediately in awe. And those moments of wonder because one of the core values of Bunk’s philosophy. That really drew me to the job.

The culture here is driven by wonderment and connection. We really try to maintain the open door policy that a church is supposed to have – but then without the religion. It’s a place where everyone is welcome and safe, and there’s plenty of room for expression.

I feel very at home working at Bunk, because I get quite a bit of space to do things I would like to do. And since I have that space, I can do those things better. There is room to fail, and therefore room to try things.


Nina Mettra Kitchen

I had been in the Netherlands for a few months, and really needed a job where I could speak English all the time, since I don’t speak Dutch. At Bunk, everyone comes from everywhere: everyone speaks English, even the Dutch people are happy to speak English. It’s really easy to fit in. Everyone is nice and open. And when I saw the building, it was beautiful, really impressive.

We have a lot of meetings with our manager, which is good because there are open lines of communication, also with the General Manager. We’re always given opportunities to try new things; there are a lot of opportunities for growth.


Nina Servania Reservations

I actually didn’t want to work in hospitality, but I had to for my internship. So I was looking for a place that wasn’t too formal, and when I came to Bunk I saw that people were just being themselves. You could wear your own clothes, you had freedom. I noticed it right away.

And I’m still here. I went from being a front office intern to working in the support office with reservations. So I’ve grown quite a bit.

It’s a really cosy atmosphere. It’s not necessarily one big family, but everyone gets along well and is close with one another. And everyone is supportive – even if you’re not from the same department, everyone always wants to help each other out.


Darja Volodjonoka Housekeeping Manager

Everyone at Bunk is quite a big personality. We’re a group of people that are each driven in our own way. And that’s very much appreciated and encouraged here. No one is hired to fit into the box of a specific role. You have to shape the role to who you are as a person.

It’s a free structure. You get to be creative in the ways that you solve problems. It’s all built on trust, and the ways in which we discuss things. We speak in terms of ideas rather than dictations with no explanation. We give people the freedom to really contribute to their job and to the company. It’s not all just set in stone.


Janneke Diepgrond Reservations Manager

Looking at the website, I saw lots of funny things, which led me to believe that Bunk was not your typical boring company. Working here has only confirmed that. Every time I walk through the building I see a new joke or a new detail. So even after working here for some time, I still keep being amazed. It meets your expectations, and maybe even surpasses them.

It’s a very free and open-minded place. I think it’s cool that so much time and money is put into supporting the arts and emerging artists. And you can get very involved in the cultural events, which can be good for your own development.

We have a good time together. There are nice benefits. And Bunk really listens to what you would like to do and what your ambitions are. You don’t have the feeling that the company puts itself before you. If you have the ambition to do something else entirely, but you like working here for now, Bunk would encourage you in that.


Benjamin Echevarria Housekeeping

My first shift was an onboarding day, and also the first ever Bunk Connects session. And to think that I, a random housekeeper working his first day, would be invited? Where I’m from, you’re more likely to ignore the housekeeping team, so I was surprised. I met the Managing Director and had a nice chat, we got free food and drinks. It was crazy, I was really thinking: ‘what is this?’

There’s a really unique atmosphere at Bunk. People that work here won’t judge you for anything, and you can feel that. Being connected with one another is really important. And Bunk clearly really cares about its employees.


Anne van Etten Front Office Supervisor

I was looking for a hotel job, but I was a bit put off by all of the very rigid uniforms and things. Bunk is really different. Everyone is welcome, and everyone who walks in feels that they can be themselves.

I’ve had quite a few jobs and experienced a lot of rudeness towards the team at larger places. But here, there’s genuine respect for one another – it’s really cosy. We’ve even had guests say, “we can really tell that you’re all having a great time together.” And that is so important. It feels welcoming.

With managers, there’s naturally a difference in position, but no one looks down on you. You can just tell that you’re valued. Everyone is equal. Suppose it’s very busy and you’ve made a mistake – it’s always communicated with respect and you’re always offered help.


Annelien van der Leij Host

I couldn’t find a job in the film industry, so I wanted to work in a hostel. I have travelled a lot and wanted to keep meeting with people from all over the world. There aren’t too many hostels in Utrecht, but then I found Bunk. I loved that you’re not just behind a reception desk. You can just be yourself. Hospitality isn’t really my scene, but I love the energy here.

The atmosphere is wonderful. Your colleagues are great: it’s a super international team and everyone is really connected with each other. It’s also safe and accessible. Everyone is super supportive and open to hearing you out if there’s something that bothers you.

You don’t have the feeling that the boss or manager feels any better than you. And it’s nice that they take your needs into account. I notice everyone focusses on mental health and wellbeing. Your work is important, but your personal situation is also important, and Bunk always tries to help you.


Antonio Pinna Kitchen

There is something magical here at Bunk. It feels like I have found a place where I belong. I have worked in big companies, but Bunk’s approach is different. Everyone on the team here is amazing. They create the magic.

When it comes to management, Bunk is not as mechanical as I’ve experienced. It’s more human, more open to talking and to solving problems. It’s always moving in the right direction.


Roma van der Ham Restaurant

I really love working in buildings that have a story behind them. And I find comfort in Bunk’s focus on wonderment and creating that “wow” feeling for guests. It’s something I strive for in life. too.

Everyone in the team is engaged with one another. And not in an annoying “breathing down your neck” sort of way. Everyone wants to help. If you look like you don’t know how you’ll manage a task, someone is already jumping in to help you. We’re focussed on having a good time together while also delivering a great product and creating an unforgettable experience for guests.

We’re like a little village. Working in the restaurant, you can see what’s happening in the kitchen, what’s going on at the front desk. It’s open, and in that way you can really get to know your colleagues, too.


Suzanne van der Aar Host

Before working here, I had attended one of the cultural events, and was immediately overwhelmed by how beautiful the church was. It’s super spacious, there’s lots of colours and an open atmosphere. It’s a place that’s great to come into.

Working here feels like being at home: it’s accessible and informal. You can always talk it out, whether it’s for a laugh or to blow off some steam. It can be kind of stressful to work in hospitality, so it’s always nice to be able to turn to your colleagues. And you know that you’ll always be supported.

Bunk assumes the best of people. They trust that you’re doing your best, and they stand behind you in how you handle any difficult situations that arise. It’s a very open atmosphere. Everyone can express themselves how they want. There are a few rules, but generally, you can be yourself. And you can be honest with your managers – they’re open to hearing you out.

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