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The 1st of September, 2015. It really was a first for me, in many ways. It was the hottest day of my life. I found myself in the Black Rock Desert, immersed in the ridiculously dehydrating magic that is called Burning Man. It was the first day I met with communal wonderment.

bunk hotel

Dream Team

When I actually resigned, many people thought that I had gone truly mad in the desert. Next thing they knew, I was buying old churches. Was I going through some kind of midlife crisis? Fortunately, there were others who shared my dream, who also realised that churches were built to instigate communal wonderment in the first place.

bunk utrecht

Bunk Times Two, Over Time

We joined forces to found Bunk, redefining hospitality in a historic ambiance for an honest price, with the right balance between diligence, reliability and social responsibility.

Two Bunks were born at the same time. As time moves forward and our twins grow, so does our story. We invite you to be part of it.

Feeling humble and grateful, all my love,

Robin Hagedoorn

Bunk’s Founding Father

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