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25-10-2022 true Europe/London Watercolour Workshop by Parla London, UK
  • Date Tue 25th October
  • Time 19:30 - 22:30
  • Location Bunk Utrecht
  • Cost €25

In need of a midweek distraction? Craving a bit of creativity? Sick of your friend groups usual nights out? Or maybe looking for something light to fill up an evening alone on the town?

If any of those questions sounded familiar, you’ve found just the thing to fill that Tuesday evening. 

Join Parla AKA Parlart for an easy-breezy carefree watercolour workshop. No experience needed! So you can just sit back and enjoy a night of flowing pastels and fun. 

The cost of the workshop includes all the materials you’ll need to craft your own pretty painting, plus a little gentle guidance and a drink to help get those creative juices going (soft drinks, wine and tap beer included). All you’ll need to worry about is finding the perfect spot on your wall to hang your new masterpiece. 

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