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25-09-2024 true Europe/London VanzelfSprekend: Je hoofd om zeep helpen London, UK
  • Date Wed 25th September
  • Time 20:00 - 22:15
  • Location Bunk Utrecht
  • Cost Free

Please note: This event will be held in dutch

Over a series of four events throughout the year, VanzelfSprekend has gathered eight interesting and engaging speakers for gatherings that will challenge you to think and open your heart. Aligning with current themes and societal issues, the substantive programme will deliver impactful talks that will leave you full of energy, insight and new ideas.

With two successful events in the books, it’s time for round three. For the third session, ‘Je hoofd om zeep helpen” or ‘Why don’t we talk about it,’ Pierre Semudenge and Pieter Blonk will take the stage.

During Pierre’s segment, entitled ‘Het regent maar ik word niet nat,’ Pierre will discuss how we can become rainproof in times of change and innovation. In Pierre’s life, he hasn’t faced just raindrops, but war, discrimination and trauma, too. From surviving two civil wars and a genocide, he learned you don’t always have to get wet when it rains.

In his segment, entitled ‘Het geheime wapen van mentale gezondheid’ or ‘The secret weapon of mental health,’ Pieter will take you on a mission. During this special operation, Pieter breaks taboos, ensures that the equipment gets carried and shares his secret weapon. This mission will increase your mental resilience. In his personal story, he will explain how, by taking off his mask, he transformed from an insecure leader in the military to a man with strong mental fortitude.

Can’t make it to this round? Be sure to keep an eye on the fourth and final VanzelfSprekend event of the year in December.


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