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20-10-2022 true Europe/London Popronde by Fake London, UK
  • Date Thu 20th October
  • Time 21:30 - 22:30
  • Location Bunk Utrecht
  • Cost Free, no reservation possible

Popronde is the Netherlands’ largest travelling festival, travelling with more than 100 talented acts to over 40 cities across the country, performing every weekend along the way. In each city, programmed acts perform at roughly twenty spots around town, from cafes and theatres to galleries, churches and clubs. It’s a whirlwind of musical talent, and this year, it’s making its way back to Bunk! 

Holding up the middle of the night is Faske, a musician inspired by the paradoxical existence of twenty-somethings. His EP, entitled ‘You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk,’ released recently, vividly depicting a time of partying, mounting student debt and sporadic heartache. Accompanying they lyrical theme is a mix of traditional instruments, organs and poppy synths from the 80s. A paradox, indeed.

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