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03-03-2024 true Europe/London Opening Expo: Ingelot van der Pol London, UK
  • Date Sun 3rd March
  • Time 15:00 - 17:00
  • Location Bunk Utrecht
  • Cost Free

Our artist in residence for the past three months, Ingelot van der Pol has been busy crafting beautiful live paintings inside Bunk Utrecht’s restaurant. On Sunday the 3rd of March, all of the pieces will be officially unveiled for what will be her month-long takeover of our exhibition space.

Ingelot van der Pol is a painter, designer, organiser, writer and city ambassador of Utrecht. Spreading art in as many ways as possible is at the heart of all her projects

Ingelot’s work finds itself at the intersection of social issues, visual identity and art, where she creates murals at businesses and homes, redecorates public spaces, furnishes living spaces and devises and designing projects.

As a creative producer, she creates space to put other artists in the spotlight and organises various cultural activities, such as making murals with the neighbourhood, workshops and more. During her residency at Bunk, she investigates the art of change, hope and comfort.

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