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06-02-2024 true Europe/London Moestuinschool London, UK
  • Date Tue 6th February
  • Time 09:30 - 16:00
  • Location Bunk Amsterdam

In 2021, the first group of 36 students embarked on this journey, and now the third group is underway. The course provides individuals serious about cultivating a vegetable garden, whether small or large, with practical experience, a network of fellow gardeners, and the necessary theory to understand how it all works. Nowhere is the food transition made as tangible as in your own vegetable garden: plant-based, organic, and super local.

Throughout the year in the garden, you learn how to grow your own vegetables, around fifty different varieties, both well-known and lesser-known. Everything you grow, you eat yourself. You go through the entire growing year, from improving the soil, fertilising, sowing, planting, nurturing the plants, and protecting them from birds, slugs, encroaching wild plants, to the ultimate satisfaction of harvesting and consuming or preserving.

Each student collaborates with two or three others on a plot of 45m2. How do you get the most out of that space? Perhaps you’ll get acquainted with vegetables you’ve never eaten before, battle against pesky pigeons, explore various forms of organic cultivation like permaculture and organic methods following skal guidelines, and ultimately, you conclude with a cultivation plan and design for your own garden or space somewhere in the city. The ‘Gardeners’ of 2021 and 2022 have become involved in various garden projects, and some still contribute as ‘Warmoezenier’ by working on the garden.

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